An engineer who enjoys tinkering with 3D printers in his spare time.

Hi everyone, my name is Josh, and I am 3DPrintSpace. I like to tinker with 3D prints and DIY electronics but have mainly focused on DIY gaming handhelds like the PiGRRL, MintyPi , and the other various Adafruit projects! You may have found me because of some of the projects I've worked on over at Thingiverse like the modified version of the PiGRRL Zero and my own modification of that design by Adafruit called the PiGRRL Zero Plus, or possibly my latest all original project the PiGRRL Zero Advance.


Find out about the PiGRRL Zero Advance including detailed instructions on how to build the project from start to finish.

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Want to learn more about me and my goals for future projects? Go ahead and click here to see what I've been working!

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