Install Pi Zero WH and I2S Decoder

This part of the installation should be pretty simple, as I've provided a template holder that keeps the Pi Zero and the I2S Decoder in place during the installation. You'll find that the template holder may be a little different than what is in the photos to accommodate the mono amp placement. Installing and solder the Pi Zero will need to be accomplished before installing the PiTFT.

Keep in mind that all clearances are tight for this case - Make sure you press everything together when soldering as tight as possible. 


step 9. install hdmi connector

Make sure you put together your HDMI connectors and ribbon cable first. There is a 3D printed holder that allows you to put the HDMI female port underneath the Pi Zero before you install the Pi Zero to the PCB board. You'll see that a ridge exists that allows you're female part to fit onto the 3d printed cross brace, and then the Pi Zero will fit right on top and has three pegs for alignment of the Pi Zero. You'll want to flex the ribbon cable under the Pi Zero and then out at a 90 degree angle to allow the male end to hook to the Pi.

step 10. install pi zero wH

I think it goes without saying that if you didn't pick up a Pi Zero w/ a header already installed, you'll have to purchase a male header and solder that to your Pi Zero first. I've completed it both ways, so don't worry about it working, it's just more soldering. You'll see that I used blue tape to hold the Pi Zero WH down to the PCB when soldering to get as tight of a fit as possible. This will be critical, as the Pi Zero is a clearance issue with the back case if you don't. Solder the Pi Zero WH to the PCB.

step 11. install i2s decoder

Also a very simple installation, just line up the I2S Decoder to the pinouts and the single male peg that allows the headphone jack to keep perfect alignment with the case opening. Go ahead and solder all the pinout pins to the I2S Decoder and you have this portion of the project complete!