Overview of the PiGRRL Zero Plus

This project was a remix of the original Adafruit PiGRRL Zero project created by Noé and Pedro Ruiz. The remixed design changed the 2.2" TFT to a 3.2" TFT and included a I2S amplifier and speaker. This design was posted on Thingiverse and gained a lot traction due to the simple changes it was from the original Zero project. 

Thingiverse Project Files & Instructions
Latest Updated Retropie Img File
Mult-color Button Design Files
Original Adafruit PiGRRL Zero Design Tutorial



This video goes over the entire project, including the concept of the design, modifications that were made from the original PiGRRL Zero and other items to keep in mind before you start your build on the PiGRRL Zero Plus.


This video walks through the first steps in creating the PiGRRL Zero Plus including how to address the clipping and modification of the 3.2" PiTFT to fit the Pi Zero W on top. Be careful during this step as it can be easy to mess up your PiTFT if you don't take your time.


This video is tutorial #2 showing the prototype design of the new case and some of the modifications necessary as I move forward with the design.



This video is tutorial #3 showing some of the final things to think about as you put together this build. Don't forget to cut the #18 PWM pin on the back of the 3.2" PiTFT, otherwise you won't be able to get your audio to work.