Tools Needed

There are not a lot of tools you will need on this project, as I've tried to make it as easy as possible for beginners just starting on these type of projects.


SOlDering Iron

This is probably the most important tool you'll need on the project. You won't be able to complete the project without this. A cheap $15 amazon soldering iron will work just fine, but you'll want to make sure you use a decent type of solder material. I use 60/40 Tin / Lead Alloy 2 Percent Rosin Core instead of lead free stuff as it turns out better, but you'll want to have a fan nearby if you use this.



These may not be completely necessary, but it is my most used tool when working on these projects. You have no idea how easy having a decent set of clippers makes a project go. I would recommend purchasing a set of these from Amazon. Here is my set that I use for all my projects. - Pick up three and you'll never run out when you eventually break one (I've broke several).


screwdriver or tool kit

A screwdriver tool kit or, at a minimum, a small set of Phillips head screwdrivers to complete this build. My kit is the one shown which is provided by iFixit ( called the 64-bit driver kit, which it looks like they only sell refurbished kits for this one now. If money isn't an object grab the Pro Tech Toolkit. If money is an object, grab this kit on Amazon.




Superglue and masking tape are very important to complete the project. Superglue is needed to put the start/select buttons in place. The masking tape is good for keeping the little amount of wires this project needs in place. Both are easy to pick up at your local hardware store or on Amazon.


There are several other items that may be helpful in your building of this project which I would suggest, but it's not necessarily required:

  • Desolder Sucker (or Solder Wick)
  • Solder Rosin Paste
  • Utility Knife
  • Helping Hands
  • Extra Lights